Best planters in Kitchener Waterloo region to enhance the overall look of your home or business year-round with our custom seasonal planters, pots and urns. In the spring, a great addition to the vacant Ontario landscape. The selection of faux greenery in assorted textures and colors and ornamental decor available is so vast that each design can be stylistically unique. We can use your existing containers or if you want new containers, Eleanor can help you pick a perfect fit for your space. 

We can customize based on the architecture of your house, your style, etc. You won’t find any generic inserts here – only unique materials and designs. 

Starting in March you can enjoy a combination of faux and fresh branches like pussy willow, magnolia budded branches, and curly willow. As spring proceeds we can add living plant material such as perennials and violas that can take cold night temperatures.

Spring Outdoor Planters

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